Triumph enterprises established in 1972 by Prakash Jaising have been manufacturing chola bronze, Tanjore paintings, Tanjore art plates and corporate gifts for the past 3 decades. The manufacturing unit based in Thanjavur, South India the historic town which is 35 miles away from the closest airport. We are regular suppliers to temples, corporate and individual collectors and dealers all over the world. Our products find appreciation and a place in leading bronze loverís collection, people with interest in art and corporate looking for elegant gifts at the lowest possible price.. We can also Manufacture / customize the above items according to your preference and specification.   

Chola bronze is a traditional art streamlined by the chola Dynasty who ruled Thanjavur in the 9th century these religious figures find a place in all the south Indian temples as living embodiment of Hindu gods and goddesses. These figures were used as processional deities adorned with the best of jewels and silk.    

This art is inherited by our artisans who produce these bronzes in the lost wax process; hence you cannot get two figures of the same kind... Each piece is individually done and you shall be the owner of the only piece...  

Thanjavur Paintings introduced by the Maratha king Serfoji (1791-1833) was used for the private chapel producing them is a slow and time consuming occoupation.Natural colors and original 22crt gold foil, with semi precious stones. The figures are traditionally religious since these were used for prayers and kept in Dark room and when a lamp was lit the dark colors used to be hidden inside and the Gold foil and light colors used to give the 3D effect to the painting.

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