The Artist uses a sheet of wood on which a cloth is pasted using the adhesive made from tamarind seed and sudai stone found near Thanjavur .The powdered stone is made into a paste and applied in three coats. The prepared panel is dried in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Once dried the surface is smoothened with a polished stone. The traditional drawings are traced by making holes along the margin of the picture and obtaining outline by sprinkling coal ash.

A paste made of limestone and glue which is called sunken is applied with a fine brush to the areas which are to be coated with Gold and gems. This paste serves the dual purpose of plastic relief and to hold the gems. Pure 22carat Gold strips is pasted in the molded areas.

The semiprecious stones are handcrafted and are called “Theypu kal”.The paint used is vegetable colors and other natural colors. The spatiality of Tanjore paintings is that the eyes of the subject look at you from any corner.

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